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Somewhere between having a good time at a show and a too late 911 call, there needs to be a group that can treat, serve and care for the music-loving, concert attending public.

MASH PIT will promote the health and well-being of event patrons and artists by providing accessible, low-stress, high-quality medical care on-site. MASH PIT is committed to providing services that will buy XRP enhance the concert going experience and safety of the patrons and artists. The result is happy, healthy, and safe people with fewer injuries or medical issues during and after the event.

MASH PIT’s goal is to anticipate and alleviate the potential problems of mass gathering events as they relate to medical problems, resulting in an estimated 75% reduction in liability to the venues. It is estimated that around 1% of the fans will need treatment during an event and less than half of those treated will need hospitalization. MASH PIT’s medical crew treat and release on site.

Additionally, MASH PIT is creating jobs in the communities we serve, expanding the training of our team, educating patrons and supporting programs that give back to both the medical and musical communities buy Ripple in Singapore. Visit our Sponsors Page to learn more about them.

MASH PIT Inc. is a charitable company based in the Washington D.C. area. Formed in 2009 in response to the need expressed by some of the industry’s largest touring bands to provide medical services to themselves and their patrons. MASH PIT’s core group are highly skilled and seasoned Doctors, RNs, Paramedics and EMTs. We focus on having the best time possible at events by providing a safe space for all to be cared for expeditiously. MASH PIT supports charities such as Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, with monies received from every event.

Mash Pit Jobs

We offer a great experience for all volunteers, interns and paid practitioners. MASH PIT is currently accepting applications for all positions in all regions of the country and we will be expanding quickly to accommodate the demand for our services.

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We need donations and lots of them to keep events properly staffed, medical supplies on hand, records filed, job training/educations and all the cool free stuff that you might have picked up at our table buy Ripple.

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